Currently, the core lab is equipped with Illumina HiSeq 4000, HiSeq 2500, MiSeq and Life Technologies Ion Torrent PGM. The core offers the following sequencing services:

  • Sequencing library construction and multiplexing / pooling of libraries
  • Sample and library quality control (qPCR, bioanalzyer, quantitation)
  • HiSeq 2500 and HiSeq4000
    • Single and Paired End Sequencing with 50 cycle, 125 cycle, and 150 cycle read lengths
  • MiSeq
    • Single Read sequencing with 50 cycle and 125 cycle read lengths
    • Paired End Sequencing with 75 cycle, 150 cycle, 250 cycle, and 300 cycle read lengths
  • Ion PGM sequencing (200 to 400 bases read)

For recommendations about which type of run best suits your needs, please contact us.

Library Construction

The Core Lab offers a variety of library preparation services including: Total RNA, stranded mRNA, small RNA, ribo zero RNA, Genomic DNA, Chip DNA, Exome DNA, and target gene panes library construction protocols. The core can work with you to identify a library construction method that fits your needs. All RNA, DNA samples submitted to the core facility for library construction go through a QC prior to library construction.

A Note about Turnaround Time

We strive to meet a 2 to 3 week turnaround time for library construction and sequencing of your samples. If submitting ready to sequence libraries turnaround time is 1 to 2 weeks. Our sequencing queue is fluid and filled on a first come first served basis. Priority is given to UCCC/CCTSI members and clients with full flow cells but we consistently sell individual sequencing lanes and rapidly fill flow cells for sequencing.

Typical Run Times:
  • MiSeq
  • Single Read - 1 day Paired End Reads - 2 days
  • HiSeq2500
  • Single Read 50 cycles - 3 days Single Read 125 cycles - 4 days Paired End Read 125 cycles - 7 days
  • HiSeq4000
  • Single Read 50 cycles and 150 cycles - 1.5 days Paired End Read 150 cycles - 3 days