The Genomics and Microarray Core

The Genomics and Microarray Core Facility at University Of Colorado Denver (UCDenver) is an advanced, state-of-the-art microarray and Next Generation (NextGen) DNA sequencing technology center providing crucial research support for investigators interested in using Affymetrix GeneChips® , Illumina BeadArrays and HiSeq 2000, or the Pacific Biosciences Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) DNA sequencing technology. We also host the Bio-Rad iCycler for real time PCR and Beckman Coulter GenomeLab GeXP genetic analysis system for quantitative multiplex PCR. The Core lab team is dedicated to providing high-quality microarray and NextGen DNA sequencing laboratory instruction, service, and consultation to the research and clinical community affiliated with UCDenver and other research institutions in the region.

UCD NextGen Sequencing Pilot Award RFA